Flower Essences

Subtle Energy Medicine

Resonance imprinting through subtle energy vibration

There is a Pure essence in All of Us, one that Existed before repatterning and Reparations were made to exist in the World more Safely. Flower essences call back those Traits, the ones that live deep inside of us and wish to be known,

Personalized Flower Remedies

Chantelle will offer an online assessment or personal assessment to get the Perfect flower remedy for you, we can work with a Goal or Situation in your life. Although all flower essences are okay, It will be great to get the best one for your current experience That needs you the Most. Sometimes 1 or 5 essences are used depending on your state and well-being to get the most benefit. Your formula will call you back into a More Aligned state of being, for All of the World. You living your best life is Best for Everyone!

Side effects: Sometimes essences can bring about exciting memories and acknowledgements you did not see that way before, so you are noticing the Great things in lief, but sometimes uncomfortable experiences will be highlighted as well for your acknowledgement. This allows us to witness the notion calling to be recognized and once in awareness your choicefullness will be eased. You can see how this pattern of living is great or poor for you. , these painful blocks must be released to set you on the right Path instead of holding on. where you witness A situation or behaviour might rise to the surface for your awareness or attention and you get to notice and experience with compassion and curiousity what this message might have to say and how it is evoking you into a new behaviour or realization. This is being brought up to the surface to faciliate a new tone of resonance for behaving and being in this World. It may be uncomfortable but nothing will arise that you are not meant to see. Flowers are a nice passive medicine to substitute change, and all so gentle, they are Super Powerful When Needed! Chantelle’s assessment considers how much of a remedy should be taken and how fast dependent on your ability to digest the upcoming breakdown. will assess how fast to go in the treatments based on where you are and where you are interested to grow! Much Love, Chantelle Yurechuk.

Flower essence remedies facilitate emotional and behavioural changes. Remedies are derived from the blooming part of the plant, fruit or flower nestled in water to capture the qualities of its essential natural nature. Whether that be gentleness, robustere, resilient, or A personalized formula of vibrational medicine from a plant’s imprint through blossoming to soothe and help combat blocks that may be out of your consciousness (awareness). As subtle as they are, they are super strong. Of course, the universe will only guide you to what is needed, so have fun and trust that you’re in the Right place!

Life is a limitless choice of options

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I find Flowers to be a Great Passive Treatment to get us Where we are going, they are very easy and seamless to take, and Do not require much effort, which is Nice in the business of Life.